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Sun Feb 9, 2014, 11:18 AM

So I was tagged by the lovely :iconkirliara: so I decided to answer the few questions ^^

You don't have to read if you're not interest XD 

You can answer those 10 questions !! ( If you want! )

1-When did you start cosplaying and why?

    :bulletblue: I started cosplaying back in 2009 when I bought my first Bible Black costume on eBay XD I really thought about cosplaying for a while but never really get into it >< Then I saw a seller on eBay who was selling a combo of a Bible Black uniform and a random school girl uniform for 30$! I really don't know why I love Bible Black so much but it's the motivation I got ^^

    :bulletgreen:I'm cosplaying juste because I love wearing costume and hanging out with friends that have the same interests of me ^^ Having fun is the main part of cosplaying and it's the only important thing that matters for me :3

2-What is the thing you must have in conventions?

    :bulletred:I must say it's probably some "Boost" Nutritional Drink! Since we don't eat a lot in conventions, I almost always start my day with one of them! I have a lot of good thing in my body at least one time in the day XD 

3-What cosplay would you like to fix and rewear again?

    :bulletyellow: There is a lot of cosplay I did that I would redo and taking my time to do it just because I know I can do better >< But I definitely want to redo my Ursula cosplay Better in purple! by lovely-chen now that I do do know how to do real corset and I really want better looking tentacles! :3

4- Your dream cosplay would be?

    :bulletwhite:There is a lot of cosplay I wanna do and that are really challenging! But if I can, I want to give a shot at them and do them all :3 But as a real "dream cosplay", I have to admit that I already did the one cosplay I wanted to do since I'm like 5 years old ; Princess Serenity Laying on the floor by lovely-chen It's not a flawless costume, but I was really feeling like a princess when I was walking around in it so for me, it's mission accomplished ^^

5-What are you looking for in the next few years?

    :bulletblack:Well, I don't have a permanent cosplay partner anymore... But I want to be able to find that motivation and try cosplaying with a lot of people just to have fun :3 I want to be able to do all the cosplays I want without loosing motivation and be proud of what I'm doing :) Oh! and I'm getting more and more involve in the masquerade staff so I really want to earn my name and become, not only the "mini-Anne-Marie", but be Genevieve, the one you can count on :)

6-What was your first convention?Any very good or very bad experience?

    :bulletorange:Jeez...I don't think I can count my first "cosplay event" in that because it was a day in a shopping mall >> But my first real convention was Otakuthon in 2010 :) As a first experience, knowing almost no one, it was pretty nice :) Come on guys, we are so excited at our first convention XD It's like a child in a candy store xD But I must say that finding a Leon Kennedy cosplay and running to but a Bible Black doll in his backpack, was really the funniest thing I did XD Otherwise, my bad experiences are not at this convention xD But that's for another story ;P 

7-Do you have someone who inspired you?

    :bulletpurple: I have a lot of people who inspire me! I must say that every time I see someone completing a challenging cosplay/costume, I find it so motivating because we almost have no sewing experience (less true these days ><) and people do amazing job! I personally work with almost no sewing technique and no money >< So every single person who make costumes are my inspiration :3 And a little bit of Anne-Marie XD (For obvious reason for the people who live in Quebec :P)

8-What's your favourite thing to do in convention?

    :bulletpink: Without any doubt, it's the masquerade :3 As a contestant or in the staff, I really love all the process, the mood in the green room, seeing everyone excited to go on stage, going on stage myself, having fun with people I love and care for hours, get to know everyone better, learning new things around, being impress with techniques I didn't know or some unusual material, etc. I love everything about the masquerade! Even when things go bad, it's only a matter of knowing what went wrong, and improve in the futur to make it the best experience of the contestant! :3

9- Do you still want to cosplay when you'll be older? (40-50)

    :bulletgreen:I hope I'll be able to! It's really something I really enjoy doing and that give me great friends, experience, and so much fun! I really hope I'll be able to ^^ Or, at least, go to conventions :)

10- The favourite thing you've done ( Can be anything a cosplay, a prop, a cosplay group...etc..)

    :bulletblue: I must say the the things I like te most and that I'm most proud of would be all my unusual material props or anything I do with a low budget and too much imagination :P For example, my plastic spoon flower for princess Serenity Moon Princess by lovely-chen or the gun holster I did for my Ada Cosplay done with some cat harness Looking for you by lovely-chen , etc. ^^ Thinking outside the box is what's make my favorite things ^^

Here you go! I hope I didn't bore you too much XD And I hope you enjoyed my answers ^^

Have a god day! 

(P.s. Cosplay pictures are on the way and new awesome projects too!!! ^^)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Well, if you're on this page reading this, that mean you have a little interest in what I'm doing ^^,
I'm a cosplayer and love what I'm doing =3
Please feel free to ask me anything ^^

Just for the info, here the awards I've won so far :3

:bulletblue: Honorable Mentions-Presentation & Workmanship - Kaito Venomania and Len Imitation Black_Otakuthon 2010 (Novice)
:bulletgreen:Best in Show - Panty & Stocking Angel version_Montreal Comic Con 2011 (Journeyman)
:bulletgreen:Best in Class - Ariel & Ursula The Little Mermaid_G-Anime 2012 (Journeyman)
:bulletblue:Honorable mention for distance work - Shimei & Kanu Chinese dress version_Nadeshicon 2012(Artisan)
:bulletgreen:Best in Class - Harley Quinn Steampunk_Animorency 2012 (Artisan)
:bulletblue:Honorable mention for the flower - Princess Serenity_G-Anime 2013(Artisan)
:bulletgreen:Best in Class Workmanship - Sakizo group (Coffee)_Otakuthon 2013 (Master)
:bulletgreen:The Blind Award in Presentation - Toph Old friend Poster _ G-Anime 2014 (Master)


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